Sunday, July 3, 2005

Writer's block

Been struggling with a case of writer's block.

It's medieval times.  I'm in the midst of an Inquisition scene. 

But when I got to the torture, I shut down. 

I can't get inside the head of an Inquisitor.

One who believes  1) that he's a good person; and 2) that extreme torture is acceptable. 

Christian, even.

How do you get there?

In your head.

                        *     *     * 

I watched three movies today. 

Fried Green Tomatoes was unexpectedly powerful and moving.  A friend strongly recommended it.  Glad she did.  The death scene was emotional.

Le Chorus was an effective teacher education film.  The hero's nickname among the boys was Chrome Dome.  LOL!

Reese Witherspoon's The Man in the Moon.  A lovely coming-of-age tragedy.  Two sisters fall in love with the same boy...

                        *     *     * 

Writer's block.

Conversation helps.

Research works best.

Highroad to the Stake: A Tale of Witchcraft.  Originally written in German.   Michael Kunze.  1987.

Hardest battle? 

Again.  How do you conclude that extreme torture is just?

A confession is meaningless under torture.  Right?  People say anything.

Tell the American government that.

                        *     *     * 

You've heard this one.

You uncover a terrorist plot to detonate a nuclear bomb in DC. 

Just in time, you capture a suspect. 

He won't talk.  Won't reveal where the bomb is.  Who's going to detonate it. 

Is it okay to torture him?

Damn straight.

You'll save millions of lives.  Not to mention, keep the real estate market viable in the Maryland area.

                        *     *     * 

Now we're getting closer.

People in medieval times also fought an invisible foe. 

Lucifer.  The Devil.  Satan.

An implacable, evil enemy whose goal is to destroy you.  And your soul. 

Send you to hell where you'll roast in flames for eternity.

That's evil.

Just like Osama bin Laden.

                        *     *     * 

In 2002, the CIA flew a terrorist suspect to Egypt to have him tortured.  True fact.

We're still outsourcing the really nasty work. 

America doesn't yet admit that torture is acceptable.

Give it time. 

Any empire is difficult to protect. 


                        *     *     * 

America's War on Terror.  Today.

Rome's War on the Devil.  Medieval times. 

The parallels are chilling.

Both enemies invisible. 

Both enemies force men to conclude that it's okay to use extreme torture.

To extract information that will save millions of lives. 

Torture methods previously deemed horrific.

                        *     *     * 

Give it time.

                        *     *     * 


I can write again.

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