Monday, July 4, 2005

Those Color Photos



Funny thing.


You think you're writing about two characters in a screenplay.


But then you realize.


Life comes out in a funny way.


          *     *     *


Those Color Photos

By Steven L. Denlinger


You lured me into bed last night

Dragged me back into the vortex

            of our past.


Did it hurt for you too, baby?


What am I doing here again?

Watching us here in my head,

Sitting on the edge of the bed

Trying to blend

            the ripped pieces of Then

            with the reality of


And feeling my fingertips get sliced off one by one.


Could I still play the keyboard even if I wanted to?


Maybe you wanted it that way.

Maybe you tried to clean out the photo album,

            tear it all to shreds.


Did you plan to destroy everything but the box of negatives?


I wish I still had them,
            those color photos.

1 comment:

theresarrt7 said...

I love the poem.  Very dark and true.  --Theresa