Saturday, July 23, 2005

Second pass

Sir Knavely has become an important part of the writing ritual. 

As I write, he stretches out on the small table to my left. 

He watches me.  Or sleeps.  Mostly sleeps.

                        *     *     *

The second pass is finished.

I've cut 48 pages so far.  23 pages cut on this pass.  I'm down to 90 pages.  I have 42 more pages to cut in order to reach my Final Goal:  48 pages of prime screenplay material.

Deadline:  Wednesday afternoon.  It's when I fly out of LAX to visit my family in Ohio. 

At that point, I'll be done with my work on the first draft.  It will be in Steven's capable hands.

But it's still too bloody hot in this apartment.

                        *     *     *

I've decided that it's time to take a break tonight. 

Watch a movie in the theatre. 

Eat at my favorite restaurant.

                        *     *     *

Tomorrow night Hollywood Steve will host Yacht Rock again in its second episode for Channel 101.

Sandra and I are going.

Anyone who can come out, please do.  Catch the link on the right if you wish to attend.

It's great fun.  And don't forget to vote.

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