Thursday, June 23, 2005


Okay.  It's been a very long time since I made an entry.

But I'm done with school for the year.  I'm relaxed.  Time to write.

                    *     *     *

This BLOG has a problem.  I originally launched it to talk about my writing.

Then Sir Knavely broke into it.  He entered an entry of his own.

He's too damn popular.

Hey.  This blog's about ME.

His "Secret Missive" ("Boring Stuff") got over 200 hits in three days.

And people emailed me:  More Knavely, more Knavely!

So I locked him out of the blog and sulked for a month and a half.

                    *     *     *

Fans of Sir Knavely have been demanding that I return him to the screen.

So I had an idea.  Why not give Sir Knavely a blog of his own? 

And an email address.

He can write on his own dime. 

When I'm sleeping.

I never have to even glance at it.  Problem solved.

Just to make sure, I'll add a link to Sir Knavely's Blog.  If people want to see his view, they can go there.


I'll divorce our blogs!

                    *     *     *

Now for the really interesting stuff.

About me.

                    *     *     *

Revisions on the first two-thirds of The French Inquisitor screenplay are complete. 

The first draft is now in writing partner's hands.

And now I'm gearing up to do the last third of the screenplay.

See?  That was page-turning stuff.

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