Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Back on task ...


I'm back on the screenplay.  I've spent the last few days getting focused through various ways. 

Talking to close friends.  Eating.  Watching DVD's.  Thinking a lot about everything but the work. 

Weird, the transfer of control from left to right brain.  But it sure works.

                 *     *     *

I first transferred the rest of the expanded treatment into Final Draft.  Somewhere around 3 AM, I finally quit chatting on IM and focused completely. 

And now, the track for the first scene--the most critical love scene--is laid down.  I think it works.  For a really, really, really rough draft, that is.

                 *     *     *

Sir Knavely is sprawled out behind me on the futon, fast asleep. 

I think he likes my latest choice of music:  romantic jazz.

Hey, I didn't come up with the genre's title on AOL.  I just know I work well to its rhythms.

Across the night, Sir K varied his time.  

He chewed on copies of the script treatment.  Bounced around the room like a postmodern Tigger. 

Carried on a tooth conversation below the desk with the various cables and wires. 

Slept in and on his favorite places.  Even sharpened his teeth on my quilt, pulling at the loose threads.

                 *     *     *

I'm back in rough draft writing mode.

I can edit work that I've written any time.  But writing original material is different.  It takes a LOT out of me.  I need complete focus.

I need to plan time when I literally set everything else aside and lay it down.

And that's what I'm doing now.

It's 5:14 AM.  Time to sleep.

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