Tuesday, February 22, 2005


One of my clients wrote a lovely rec for the nascent firm of Steven & Steven, Story Consult-ants

Shameless of me, I know, but I decided to publish it here:


Dear Sir/Madam:


It is my distinct pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for the editorial team of Steven Denlinger and Steven Huey, with whom I have worked for the past ten months to shape and strengthen my historical romance novel, The Devil's Bargain.  As writing mentors, editors, and proofreaders, this team has provided invaluable support and inspiration to me as an author.


When I first began working with Steven and Steven, I had a first-draft manuscript that contained the rudiments of plot and setting, but was weak on character, motivation, conflict, and theme.  The two Stevens worked constructively to provide suggestions that fed my own creative process without being dictatorial, while always respecting me as the author and primary creative force behind the work.  With their thoughtful input on the story concept and structure, I was able to strengthen dramatically the novel and successfully address the weaknesses described above. 


When I was fully satisfied with the overall story, the two Stevens turned their attention to helping me polish paragraphs, sentences and descriptive phrases to a high luster.  As a last step, a thorough proofreading removed redundancies, strengthened individual word choices, and eliminated those easy-to-miss typographical errors that can easily relegate a manuscript to the rejection pile.  The final result was a novel that critics have said transcends its genre, and for whose publication prospects I now have high hopes.


The two Stevens have a special gift for nurturing the talents of the novice writer, helping him or her develop a unique and powerful voice without imposing their own personal tastes upon the process.  This development of a powerful and unique writing voice is essential to making a writer stand out in a crowded field and accomplishing that difficult leap from amateur to professional.  Their growing experience and network of connections in the entertainment industry are additional assets.


I would recommend with enthusiasm the editorial team of Steven Denlinger and Steven Huey to any writer who seeks to bring his or her writing to the next level and achieve professional success.  I look forward to continuing my own productive and highly rewarding collaboration with them for many years to come.




Xenia Navarre

Romance Writer  


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