Saturday, February 26, 2005

Oscar Party: the non-charity type

Okay.  Don't go thinking this is the same pic as you found in an earlier entry. 

Notice Sir Knavely's eyes.  That's all I'm going to say.  

So.  Real News.  I'm throwing a little Oscar Party (the gold statue-type, not the hot-dog type) tomorrow evening.   

This is going to be a small party.  Simple.  The bring-your-own-edibles type.  I know for sure that my co-writer Steven Huey will be here, along with several of his dogs (human friends, not canine).  I think my television set will be working by then.   

You know those people who spend $250 to go find entertainment at a Looking for Robert DeNiro Party in West Hollywood (which will raise money for important charity causes)?  Well, this is definitely not the party for them. 

No stars other than Hollywood Steve will be attending ... as far as I know.  

Okay.  The basics.  Party starts at 5 PM.  I'm telling everyone that they should plan to be late.  Please.   The party is in my studio apartment.  

When we eat, we'll probably spill out on the deck, especially if Hollywood Steve gets to grillin'!  

The party will officially end when we find out which movie takes home the Little Golden Homunculus.  This is a dress-down party, but I've told my guests to feel free to dress up as much as they wish.  They won't.   

If you wonder why this party invitation is last-minute, please don't.  It's a waste of time.  I got involved emotionally ... with my grades, that is, and now I've been writing all these grades, see, and well ... be sympathetic.  (When are teachers ever in a good mood about writing grades?)  

But hey, by tomorrow, I'll have most of my grades written.  I'll be ready to party.  I'm aiming to have a casual, relaxing time where the point is to get together and talk ... and maybe stop occasionally to hear a joke by Chris Rock.  Oh yeah.  And notice when someone we like gets an award.

Actually, based on last year's party, Hollywood Steve will be keeping score, and we'll have bets.  So yeah, I guess we'll have to watch who's winning too.   So.  I've told people that if they're still reading this odd invitation, and they'd still like to come, they should call me ASAP.  I'm in the midst of grading papers, and I'd love the break. 

We'll then figure out what goodies each of them should bring, what the directions are to my little studio apartment ... the routine.  

We'll see who shows up.  Maybe a homunculus.  Or a Golem.  This could be interesting. 

My parties always surprise me.  They're always bigger than I plan them to be, and interesting people always show up.  As I said, we'll see.

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