Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Boston Legal

Night.   The balcony outside Denny Crane's office.  Lights of Boston.


Crane reflects.  Stares over his glass of whiskey at the streets below.  He's just admitted in court to taking a drug NOT approved by the FDA -- in order to ward off his risk for Altzheimers.


A police siren is heard.  Crane's friend, Alan Shore, joins Crane.


SHORE:  That drug you’re taking is an amphetamine, with a dangerously high potential for abuse and addiction.


CRANE:  And the shrinks are doling it out like candy.


SHORE:  It might make you feel more acute.  You’ll no doubt work like a demon.  But certain pleasures will be gone.


CRANE:  Like?


SHORE:  Perhaps fishing.  Perhaps sitting in a chair enjoying a football game.  Standing on a balcony, appreciating the quiet joy of a friendship.  There’s more to life than recognizing faces, Denny.


CRANE:  You prefer me in my fog?


SHORE:  I prefer you.  Your perspective.  Your humor.  The acceptance and humility which perhaps can only come with age.  I prefer you.


CRANE:  I’ve stopped taking the drug.  I kind of like my fog too.  There’s a certain license that goes with it.  Plus, I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again.  The answers in life – you don’t find them here (points to head).  First, you look to God.  And then –


SHORE:  Fox News.


CRANE:  Damn right (shakes his head).  You Democrats.


SHORE:  You Republicans.


paulajlambert said...

I remember this episode, this scene. Thanks for re-creating it here--it's lovely to be able to read (think) it through. Nice.

stevendenlinger said...

Thanks, Paula.

I'll be adding an update shortly.

Soon as I get done with the current, short screenplay:  Goldfish.