Monday, May 29, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth opens BIG

Eat your heart out, Michael Moore.  Stand aside and let a real teacher show you how it's done.

Al Gore. 

Teacher of the Year. 

Classroom:  The World. 

The film:  An Inconvenient Truth.  It's the best 80-minute lecture I've ever heard. 

And, incidentally, a very fine documentary. 

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No, it didn't change my life -- no movie has ever done that -- but it certainly made me think.

And it helped me understand the crisis of global warming.

It made me mad that the same type of spinmeisters who said in the 60s and 70s that you can't be sure that cigarette smoking will kill you ... have successfully convinced you that global warming is kind of a theory.

Actually, it's a fact.

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Did I mention that Al Gore is a really fine teacher?

That this film is his bully pulpit?

That he's been to the desert, and found his heart?

Our Arclight Theatre Emcee said:  "Introducing the man who would be king, and by god, I wish he was!" 

I belive that this message is the reason Al Gore was born -- to be the evangelist who explains the imminent danger to our planet called Global Warming.

He lays it out in terms that even a first-grader can understand.

Want more information?  Check out

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If you want proof that Gore's film is going to flatten the box office competition -- which means you'd better go see it for yourself so you don't sound ignorant when people talk about it -- check out the excerpt below from Daily Variety

The good guys may have finally produced a documentary for the masses.

Remember. You.  Read it here.  First.

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During the second highest grossing Memorial Day frame ever, Al Gore's environmental docu "An Inconvenient Truth" also set several records, doing boffo biz in limited release.

"Truth" grossed a fantastic $365,787 at just four theaters in New York and L.A.; its $70,585 per play gross over three days is the highest average take for any pic this year, the highest average for any pic over Memorial Day weekend and the highest-ever average for a documentary.

Cume since its Wednesday opening is $489,336.

Paramount Classics will expand the heavily hyped Al Gore starrer to between 60 and 75 theaters in the top 10 markets next frame and continue to widen it throughout June.

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After my last blog entry, Drew Hatter, a friend of mine, sent me the following message:

Interesting, just saw a documentary on Thomas Edison last night. While the combustion engine was being refined into a mass producable consumer product in the automobile package Edisonwas experimenting with electric storage for use in cars.

He was not only experimenting, he invented a way to store enough electricity to drive a car some distance at about the speed combustion engines at the time were driving them.

When they showed a picture of the storage device Edison came up with (a simple bay of about twelve 12 volt batteries) next to a picture of the latest in electric storage devices for cars, they were identical. We have made no progress in storing electricity portably for the purposes of propelling an automobile in 100 years.


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