Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Scouting Trip

Looks like Sir Knavely, up to his old tricks again, right?


That's my nephew's cat in North Canton, Ohio.  She's the spitting image -- okay, so she's tinier -- of Sir Knavely.

Who would have thunk it?

                         *     *     *

Tomorrow, I see my students for the first time.

I'm ready.

I've missed the classroom.

Tonight was parent orientation.  Good time.

                         *     *     *

A producer and friend of mine has arrived from Ohio with his daughter for several days. 

The two of us are leaving on Friday afternoon for Phoenix, AZ.  We're doing a scouting trip to ensure that the locations Steven and I created in the first draft of the screenplay are feasible, geographically.

My friend has done his homework.  He's already contacted the film office in Phoenix.

A woman there has read our treatment and has made suggestions of possible locations where we can set each scene.

Nice work, Dick Gotschall!


vxv789 said...

How exciting!  Good luck, Steven!


bethsfrontporch said...

So will Sir Knavely travel on this scouting expedition?  A cat who uses the word "missive"?  I'm smitten. --Beth

theresarrt7 said...

How did your expedition go?  And your cats are precious.  Did I mention I have ten cats?