Sunday, April 17, 2005

Second Pass

The screenplay continues on apace.

I've spent seven hours editing today.

On this second editing pass, I've reached page 45.  The screenplay has dropped 14 pages, from 169  to 155 pages.

At this rate, this pass will end at 127 pages.

                          *     *     *

In my first editing pass, I eliminated format issues and the most obvious excesses of dialogue.  The screenplay dropped from 233 to 169 pages.

Ever notice I'm too damn wordy?   

                          *     *     *

I have several tasks to fulfill during this second editing pass.

Eliminating plot redundancy. 

Deciding which minor characters get less screen time. 

Making descriptions powerful and sparse.   

Once I've cut as much as I can (hopefully by next Sunday), I'll do a third pass, polishing for style.  

                          *     *     *

It will take a third editing pass to reach my primary goal..

I'd like to get this first 3/5 of the screenplay to 90 pages.  Within the next three weeks. 

By the time I've done that, my co-writer Steven should have the rest of the raw material ready.   

At that point, we'll switch, and I'll go through the same process with the new material, eventually cutting that to 50 pages, resulting in a 140-page screenplay. 

Which we'll both cut to 120 pages..

                          *     *     *

Sir Knavely has been distressed this evening.  Sitting at the door, yowling.  Hoping I'll quit writing.  Let him out.  Anything other than what I'm doing, which is writing.

I let him out earlier, while I sat on the stairs with a drink.  He explored all the way to the bottom of the stairs.

I think this is called spoiling your little darling.

Maybe he just wants me to go to bed.  He really dislikes when I don't follow my normal sleeping schedule.  Right now, he's lying on my lap, quietly, switching his tail. 

I think he hopes I'll let him go so that he can go back to the door to yowl some more.  Or maybe he just wants to go to bed.

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