Monday, April 25, 2005

Second Pass Complete

What would I do without my expert proofreader?

Sir Knavely. 

The world's first feline copy editor.

                         *     *      *

I've completed the second editing pass.  I'm down to 132 pages.  5 pages away from my goal:  I really wanted to hit 127.  Grr.

One more editing pass to go.  This one will cut the script to 90 pages.

                         *     *      *

So I've got 42 pages to go to reach my goal.

Time to tear out chunks that slow the story.

Anything that doesn't move the plot forward has to go.

All that cute dialogue.  Those side stories.

                         *     *      *

Tough decisions coming up.  I'm trying to gear up for them..

It's no more than I demand of my students.

Granted, they're dealing with paragraphs.  Not an entire screenplay.

But.  Same principle.

                         *     *      *

Country music tonight.  Have I mentioned that Reba rocks!

                         *     *      *

Up at 5 AM this morning.

I finally worked out again.  First time in months.  Stairsteps, pushups, situps. 

Endorphins that transform my emotional energy.

                         *     *      *

Does anyone gets the same amusement from Sir K that I do? 

I'm not referringto my cat per se.  I'm referring to the character in my journal.  In the photos.  And in the reactions people experience to that character.

Is it possible that some people think I'm looney enough to believe what I write about Sir Knavely?

The dignified cat living in the Westside of Los Angeles.  Who's undergoing therapy for the abuse he suffered when he was a child.  Before I took him in. 

A cat who has talent and education.  I mean, come on.  He graduated from Lincoln College, Oxford University, Class of 99.  Graduated with a 4.0.

And the boy has superb taste.  Granted, he's been getting a bit arrogant, lately.  Hard to live with.

                         *     *      *

I get the same amusement when I watch my students react to conversations I hold with ATM, the stuffed dog who helps me teach in the classroom.  Along with an entire zoo of creatures.

Stuffed animals my students have fondly named.  Alfonzo, for example.  What's up with that?  A little rubber duckie with a purple mohawk? 

No wonder these characters are in therapy.  The STRESS of a Westside education.

That's funny.

And very revealing.

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