Monday, October 30, 2006


A cool, beautiful day of rehearsal in the park.

I stepped back today and watched -- having discussions with technical crew members, with actors who needed insight, with members of the stage management team -- as my stage manager ran the classic stumble-through. 

I saw some exciting things happen today -- and we also identified some challenges.

We're very close.

I'm trimming the excess roles from the script -- cutting some of the unnecessary lines.  Some of my best ideas have emerged from the cast members playing the roles.

Artists who are unselfish enough to give up moments because they are unnecessary or redundant.  Actors who care about the impact of the whole script.  Thespians who will do whatever it takes to create a dynamic show.

This cast is generous, and giving, and caring.  I feel their love for the story, and for me, and for each other.  We all share the goal of creating a tight, meaningful show that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

I applaud them!

What talent has emerged within this company -- both on the stage, and behind the scenes.  This family of artists, this community of theatre lovers -- what a privilege it is to work with all of them as we move closer to opening night.

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