Thursday, January 6, 2005

Sir Knavely Azuzus Maleficus Evilbottom

I just finished watching Troy: the credits are rolling behind me on the screen and the music is playing in the background.

What do I think of the movie?  Hey.  You gotta admire high production values.

The latest member of my family -- my new child, Sir Knavely -- is also located  behind me, lodged between my back and chair.  Cats are funny that way; they know which spot their owner likes the most, and they claim a spot on it by eminent domain.

Who is Sir Knavely?  Okay, a little history here.  Sir Knavely arrived this past Sunday.  I guess I've been missing a cat ever since I left my two cats in the gentle hands of their owner back in Hartville, Ohio.

So how did Sir Knavely come to be?  It all started this past Saturday.  I was going to watch Closer (a bloody good film, by the way), so I ended up in Westwood, having purchased my ticket, with an hour to kill before the film screened.

I decided to spend it hanging out at Borders.  I crossed Wilshire Blvd., walked up Westwood Avenue, and got sidetracked by the lovely cat you see above this entry.  He was sitting in a cage in the window of Katie's Pet Depot.  Sprawled out, actually, trying to ignore his missing fans.  I entered the store, knelt down beside the cage, and it was love at first sight.  The owner of the store, whose name was appropriately Beatrice, appeared mysteriously beside me almost immediately, and the rest is history.  I picked up Sir Knavely the next afternoon.

It's nice to have a cat again.  You know why?  Because even when you're watching a really awful film or television episode, if you having a friend sitting with you, it makes it all better.

Note: By the way, everyone wants to know where the name originated.  Give it up for my co-writer Steven Huey, who created the name Sir Knavely Azuzus Maleficus Evilbottom as a comical wannabe Satanic priest.  Unfortunately, the character didn't really fit our needs, so we quietly transformed him into Hans Geist.  But Sir Knavely wouldn't go away: he has now reincarnated himself into the person of a 2.5 year-old cat who now causes laughter merely by showing up for a conversation.  That's true immortality.


arosedagger said...

Welcome to LA! I am sure you and Sir Evilbottom will do well! If you get bored read my journal:

Looking forward to reading more!

theresarrt7 said...

I thought Troy was pretty good.  Didn't follow the myth very well, but Brad Pitt was excellent.  The film almost seemed to be saying something about American arrogance--but maybe I was projecting that!