Friday, December 31, 2004

Why Blog?

One of my teaching colleagues questioned whether or not she should do a BLOG herself.  I wrote back the following:   

Sounds like a great lesson plan, especially its exploratory nature.  I suspect you'll learn as much as the kids do about the why and how of a BLOG.    I was actually inspired to begin my BLOG by the story I read about the guy who helped bring down Dan Rather.  He just started it merely to fire off his thoughts, and it changed something about the way journalists work.    

More than one of my friends does a BLOG -- it appears to be great way to meet friends you'd never talk to otherwise.    Think about it: thoughts from a veteran teacher.  I'd love to link to your BLOG and find out what you're thinking on the days you get around to journalizing.  Since we live so far apart, and only have coffee on some of my scattered trips into town, it might actually help us keep up with each other's lives -- never mention the great teaching ideas I could steal from you.  

Routine is such an important part of life, and so underrated.  I have found in the past year that it is in the routines that I've been able to actually accomplish things: losing weight, writing regularly in order to produce a play and now a screenplay, showing up for work every day and thus gaining the trust of my students, spending regular time with friends and thus building relationships.   I suspect that writing a BLOG is no different.

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